In creating the website, run by Assoaciation, are involved people interested in the subject as well as natives coming from the region.
Warsaw-based Association was established in 2003 and is a non-commercial and non-governmental organization. It is focused on providing the information on Arab ans Muslim countries as well as Muslim communities in Europe. Moreover, the Association promotes Polish-Arab dialogue and Christian-Muslim one and also carries out scientific programmes and is a publishing house. also runs the biggest information portal focused on Arab world - The portal is available in Polish, Arab, English, Czech and Russian. The Association organizes seminaries, conferences, cultural events, education workshops concerned with Arab and Muslim world issues, music parties with the Oriental music. The Association is a member of Anna Lindh Foundation, cooperates with Polish academic centres, Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and many non-governmental organizations.

The website is focused on the politics, culture, tourism and society of the region. There can be also found information about Arabic literature and film as well as about events connected to Arabic culture.



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