The portal Continent Warsaw – Warsaw of Many Cultures invites everyone to get acquainted with the newest publication. In 2012, as part of the „City plan: Multicultural Warsaw” project a map of Warsaw multiculturalism was created.

The map is a new and organized way of presenting particular information, gathered by the portal’s editorial team since 2006 related to places and institutions which activity engages the representatives of many culture minorities who live in Warsaw. It contains a list of places which form the cultural diversity of the capital city – shops and restaurants run by foreigners, cultural institutes, organizations established by migrants and organizations which support them. The publication will also provide information regarding where we can meet persons of various cultures and multicultural titbits about Warsaw. Attached to the map are also three routes of tourist trails, helping those who wish to discover Warsaw take their first steps in the city. Obviously, we encourage everyone to draw their own sightseeing trails on the map.

Apart from visiting places, the multicultural Warsaw can also be discovered by many festivals which won a permanent position on the calendar of Warsaw cultural events. List of the most popular festivals can be found on the map. More info about current events is available at the portal.

Contrary to the rich, continuously developed and updated portal base, the map was issued as a pocket edition so that you can always have it with you and discover the titbits of a neighbourhood in which you currently are. It can also help you with making a spontaneous decision regarding where to go for lunch or a romantic dinner, what interesting place you can point out to city-lost tourists or where to buy an extraordinary gift!

The “City plan: Multicultural Warsaw” is a free-of-charge publication available in print at Warsaw coffee houses, clubs and cultural institutions as well as online at:

If you want to comment or suggest a place which is not marked on the map and you think it is especially important to the multiculturalism of Warsaw let us know at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The project of the Continent Warsaw – Warsaw of Many Cultures editorial team has been carried out with the financial support of the Capital City of Warsaw.