I can write a lot about this wonderful country – Poland, and its capital Warsaw. I can describe the incomparable nature and the beautiful architecture of the cities. However, the main wealth of Poland, the real one, are its people. These people are hard-working, honest and wise. But here I’d like to talk about women. About Polish women. I haven’t travelled much around the world. I’ve been only to Ukraine because I was born there and spent there most of my life. I used to travel to Russia, even lived there for a couple of years. I’ve been to Belarus two or three times. Once I’ve been to Sweden. I worked there for three months. I’ve also been to Moldova. But such a great deal of truly beautiful, utterly good-looking and peculiar women as in Poland and Warsaw I have not seen anywhere else. I’m not afraid that my wife could read this because she’s also Polish and she’s the most beautiful for me. Perhaps there is no other country in the world with such a treasure. Apparently, everything is all right with the genes in the Polish nation.

When my wife was working in a hairdressing salon in Warsaw, she met a lot of women while giving them a manicure. Two of them became not only her real friends but also our whole family.

One of those incredible women is Bożena. A person of a great soul. From the very beginning she’s been looking after us as a mother looks after her children. She’s been helping us with everything she can and we also try to support her whenever possible. Life has been very strange for this lady. When she was young she worked in the United States and England. She bought a flat in Warsaw. And then her mother and father got cancer. Bożena loved her parents very much and decided to take care of them for the rest of their lives. She also has a sister who lives in the USA. When she has a hard time Bożena helps her. Bożena has a heart of gold. I know that this women has helped not only us but everyone who needed her help. Her mother died and she was with her and cared for her till the end. Now she’s left with only a father and she cares for him too. Although she is ill herself and she’s preparing for an operation (on her knee), her soul is always ready to help others. But despite all that, Bożena still looks amazing.

The other beautiful woman I wanted to talk about is Ewa. She is a real Pole with a peculiar soul. As soon as she heard about our problems, she immediately began to help us in any way she could although we didn’t really ask her for anything. Later, when she had told us about her life, we thought that it was she who rather needed help. But this woman was dealing so well that she even managed to help others.

Ewa’s husband was ill for a few years and then died. When he was ill, she set up her own company. She had to work a lot to cure a husband and provide for three children. While she was at work, her eldest daughter who was 15-16 at that time took care of her father and younger brother and sister. Her husband has been gone for a couple of years now. Kids have grown up. The eldest daughter is 23, the son is 19, and the youngest daughter is 18. Ewa is still running the business. The eldest daughter is also working from morning till night and she’s studying at the same time. Ewa has parents who live in the country about 100 kilometres from Warsaw. She has two brothers, who also have three children. She had one more brother but he died in an unfortunate accident and left his wife and three children who now live with their grandparents in the country. Ewa takes care of those children as well as her parents. She had a small house built near her parents so that she could stay there with her children when she comes to visit her parents. Her parents’ house isn’t spacious and it’s very old. That’s why they decided to build a new, bigger house for her parents. When I look at Ewa, I wonder how it is possible that despite all she is such a beautiful and attractive woman.

I am amazed by these wonderful women who are so strong on the inside. We pray to God for these incredible women and we ask for help to them and for the whole Polish nation to build a good life. If there are women like those in Poland, the Polish nation is very strong and has an honest heart, open for everyone.

My wife and I saw how Poland was helping Ukraine to fight the disease. We witnessed how Poland was helping after the earthquake in Haiti and now in Japan. We see how many foreigners come to Poland and they feel very comfortable here. My wife and I very glad that we can live in this wonderful country.

Anatoliy Pudlo

Translated by: Iwona Białek