All through history, Indians have ventured out to different lands in search of new prospects.
Today, the Indian Diaspora (the Indian Diaspora is a broad term used to describe the people and their descendants who migrated from territories that are currently within the borders of the Republic of India) is widely spread. Presently, the Indian Diaspora is estimated to number over twenty million. The Diaspora covers practically every part of the world. The Indian living abroad have excelled spectacularly in their chosen professions and fields by dint of their single-minded dedication and hard work. They have excelled in fields like the IT, medicine, venture capital, engineering, construction etc. to name a few. The most important thing about the Indians living abroad is that they have retained their emotional, cultural and spiritual links with the country of their origin. This strikes a mutual chord in the hearts of people of India.

Indians started migrating to Poland in the late 80’s and early 90’s when the political situation changed and new opportunities started to emerge. Indian community in Poland is entrepreneurial and law abiding community. We have our 'little India' in Warsaw Raszyn area as large number of our community are based there and another ones are Łódź and Pabienice.

Indian Association of Poland is a one organization which brings all Indians and Polish nations together by organizing various cultural events in Poland, every month Bollywood Nights are organized in Warsaw as well as in other cities and this is a magic link which brings Indian and Polish communities together.

I remember when I migrated to Poland in 1990, there were hardly any fellow countrymen and not to mention about food and other facilities. Today the picture is different - you have six different restaurants in Warsaw, to name few: Maharaja, Tandoor, India Curry, Namaste India, Aarti and recently opened Ganesz. Early December we will have first Indian club at Nowy Świat and what I am sure of - will be flooded with lovers of Bollywood and Indian culture.

If you want to buy some food or fresh vegetables you can buy it in heart of Warsaw centre in Namaste India or Spice Mantra in Raszyn. It does not stop here as if you want to purchase high class Indian furniture you can buy at Indigo Poland and Bollywood clothing at Ursynow Galeria and it is growing with the influx of Indian investments and Indian export to Poland.

Spiritual and religious centre of Sikh, 'Gurudwara', is a meeting place for all Indians and Poles every Sunday. After religious mass all have meal together showing equality and oneness which is the key element of Sikh religion.

I am proud to be an Indian and live in this country which have many historical similarities with that of my homeland.


The text was written as an article for the 4th number of the publication 'Kontynent Warszawa' which is also available at the portal in the section 'Continent: Action!'