Apart from the exhibition in Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, the review of Caucasian video art and experimental films takes place in KINO.LAB which is a part of CCA Ujazdowski Castle. The programme of the review is divided into two parts: Moving Reality (25th June) and Towards Reality (28th June). Artists explore topics directly connected to the art itself as well as the process of creation and perception of reality but they also express their views on matters associated with culture, society, not avoiding the discussion about the influence of history or politics. MOVING REALITY: video art and experimental films from Georgia
Total time: 71’25''
25th June, Thursday, 8.30 p.m.

a very long poem about a very big secret, Sofia Cherkezishvili, 1’45’’
Secrets hidden in drawers of an old bookcase.

Drawing Factory, Leo Cox & Koka Ramishvili, 3’57’’
Creating and re-creating the reality using the artist’s tools and imagination. The process which is independent from the electricity and space-time continuum.

Untitled (Fs), ANaMALIA Presents, 2'23''
The presentation and explanation of contents and functionality of the mysterious FID – Foreigner Identification Device.

Good Morning, Koka Ramishvili, 5’50’’
Shattered light bulb, a gloomy and rainy morning, broken TV set, faint light of the lamp… What else could happen not to give any reason to say ‘Good morning’?

Untitled, Niko Tsetskhladze, 2’34’’
How much can be said about people in love drawing hearts on the steamed-up window?

Hate & Love, Koka Ramishvili, 1’12’’
‘Love’ and ‘hate’ as magic words? Surely time dependant.

Hero, Kote Jincharadze, 3’04’’
The journey of quite an unusual film character through quite a usual office space.

Untitled, Niko Lomashvili, 2’45’’
Concentration, silence, prayerful gestures? Do prayers require words spoken aloud?

Untitled, Niko Tsetskhladze, 2’10’’
Maybe in the very same moment, under similar or entirely different circumstances, a couple of meters or kilometers away, somebody is looking in your direction.

Nothing, Anna Rjaboszonko, 3’
The journey of a character created by the artist’s power of artistic creation who observes common, simple actions performed by people it meets.

Playing War, K. Sulaberidze, 2’40’’
Symbolic depiction of an armed conflict in the form of simple, ascetic animation.

Protect me, Sofia Cherkezishvili, 2004, 1’30’’
A silent story of tragedies of women who don’t cry.

Untitled, Tea Telia, 4’10’’
Wrestling with the world existing behind a red wall and the attempt to uncover its mystery.

, Galaktion Kintsurashvili, 2004, 0’50’’
Rhythmicity – of body movements, heartbeats, changes of images.

Seduction, David Chikhladze, 2004, 7’20’’
A reflection on women and femininity as well as symbols related to woman’s nature put in the rhythm of the opera ‘Twilight of the Gods’ by Richard Wagner.

, Temo Javakhishvili, 3’55’’
A few minute story of an individual put in a life threatening situation.

Untitled, Temo Javakhishvili, 1’
The film is another reflection on the war by Temo Javakhishvili who this time is considering the cruelty and repeatability of the war.

The Story Of Furistiana (Mechanical Story), Tea Telia, 3’50’’
A story about a community who lives in a peculiar timelessness. Its members are color blind and their main activity is shoe making.

Time Disappears in Time, Iliko Zautashvili, 2002, 4’10’’
A contrasting parallel of water symbolizing time flow with time counted down by clocks and a motionless man looking at the harbor.

Turbaza, Manana Dvali, Bruce Allan, 2003, 8’
Allegorical combination of images of the war, life after it and vision of the Last Judgment.

Untitled, Ushangi Khumarashvili, 1’10’’
Another film referring to the war in a metaphorical way.

Wall, Temo Javakhishvili, 1’
A wall as a background for the performer’s actions.

Way, Temo Javakhishvili, 0’50’’
Metaphorical attempt to set off on a journey with a car tire.

Films with English subtitles.

TOWARDS REALITY: video art & experimental films from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia
Total time: 70'
28th June, Sunday, 5:30 p.m.
The screening is accompanied by the vernissage of the exhibition of Caucasian contemporary art in CCA Ujazdowski Castle.

I Could Have Been..., Sonia Abgarian, Armenia, 2003, 2'42''
A few minute animation about social roles and stereotypes associated with them.

Once Upon A Time, Diana Hakobayan, Armenia, 2004, 7'30''
Motion and picture - the basis of each film - in configuration with worrisome music and alarming expression of a young woman’s face. The experimental combination of different space-time continua.

Stalker, Tigran Khachatryan, Armenia, 12'33''
The film undertakes the dialogue with Adnriei Tarkovski’s film from 1979 – through the title itself as well as references to motifs of the crossing and traveling through different worlds. The film about strength, weakness, desire of knowledge and experiencing.

BOLT+, Tsomak, 2005, Armenia, 1'56''
A holistic and detailed look at a standard series of identical juncture, connected with typical metal screws.

Kvartal 16, Vahram Aghasyan, Armenia 2003, 4'11''
A dialogical journey through a housing estate in a Yerevan suburbs built in the accordance with Le Corbusier`s urbanistic conceptions. The look at ideas that exist in reality.

Ship Bolshevik N. Narimanov, Sabina Shikhlinskaya, Azerbaijan, 2007, 7’
A trip not by a ship but to the ship - Bolshevik N. Narimanov is presented in the rhythm of Soviet smash hits (by Leonid Utyosov and Lyubov Orlova) under the banner of the immortal symbol of Soviet power – the red star. Along with the changing music the ship unveils its mysterious and monstrous face to which people are gradually getting accustomed to.

Untitled, Gamid Ibadullayev, 2006, 11’11’’
Pictures and music. Motion as a leitmotiv and factor influencing not only the defragmentation of the world but also its creation. The reality as a changing and unsure world, subjected to the artist’s observation.

Between, Gamid Ibadullayev, 2008, 18’40’’ (in Polish)
The portrait of a microcosm of people and objects suspended in timelessness, labeled with artist`s philosophical comment. Reflection on interactions between people, objects and events – counted by successive blinks, gestures, words, movements which fill timelessness, paradoxically setting its specific pace.

Films with English subtitles.
Admission free.

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