'Alamar Express. El Hombre Nuevo' documents the story of a group of young Cuban artists striving to create a space for cultural expression in one of Havana's sprawling suburban wastelands. Their community of Alamar, a Soviet relic of the 1960s, was born out of the failed utilitarian concept of a "model city", and their people out of the revolutionary ideal of the New Man. By seeking a future in a country where time stands still, these young artists struggle to transform the cultural desert of Alamar. Using multidisciplinary art, creative performance, and a positive spiritual message, the group tries to awaken their community to a new social reality in Cuba, where artistic expression is one of the last forms of independent thought permitted by the government.

A unique cultural and social phenomenon in Cuba, the group rejects the decades-old concept of a New Man and introduces the world to the Hombre Nuevo, living in the collective spirit of today's Alamar community. Under the modern-day backdrop of a vanguard Cuban counterculture movement, "Alamar Express" exemplifies the hopes of a struggling nation through the independent voices of some of Cuba's most unique and talented artists.

The official website: www.alamarexpress.com

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