"Praskie działania" is a series of art workshops conducted by Warsaw artists for the Romany children and teenagers at South and North Praga in Warsaw. The workshops are conducted either in the artists' studios or in the open air. It is an opportunity for the young people for an artistic expression but also for facing the difficult issue: what does it mean o be a Romany in the contemporary world

The workshops take place at the workplace of Reaktor - Laboratorium Rzeźby, at Joanna Świerczyńska's studio and at Miłamała studio of Agnieszka Schroeder.

It all started with creating a mural at Brzeska 16 on the wall of Offside club under the eye of Sebastian Krok. The activities are realised together with the instructor Karol Kołbyk. At the end of the workshops there will be an exhibition where the works of children and photo documentation will be showed. The project is an attempt at socio-cultural re-adaption of groups discriminated by artistic actions.

The series of workshops "Praskie działania" is organised by "Dom Kultury" Foundation. The project is partially financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the National Cultural Centre as a part of the "Accessible Culture" programme. The media sponsor is "Kwartalnik Romski" and IMI Radio.