The goals of the Association are: development of entrepreneurship; mutual support among the members of the Association in economic initiatives; popularising the commitment in economic behaviour and the economic and legal knowledge; developing and promoting the rules of good economic ethic; promoting the members of the Association and supporting in establishing economic connections with partners in and outside the country; popularizing the positive image of the Association and of the whole economic environment in the media.

The Association was founded in 2005, registered KRS in 2015. 
The Association consists of experienced entrepreneurs who have been taking part in various projects and business initiatives for years.

The Association fulfills its goals by the means of:

-         mutual cooperation
-         cooperation with other entrepreneurs and organisations
-         cooperation with the media, the press and Public Relatons companies
-         cooperation with state and local authorities 

The Executive Board:
dr Hoang Xuan Binh, President (President of Commercial Centre ASG-PL in Wólka Kosowska)
Hoang Huu Binh, Vice-President (President of  Commercial Centre ASEANEU in Wólka Kosowska)
Nguyen Van Oanh, Vice-President (President NVO INTERBUD Sp. z o.o.)
Tran Trong Hung, Vice-President (Vice-President of Commercial Centre EACC in Wólka Kosowska)
Dao Tri Tue, the Executive Board memeber, President of the Legal Board (President of ASEAN Finace, President of Commercial Centre Ballada in Wólka Kosowska)
Ngo Viet Trieu, the Executive Board memeber, President of the Board of Economic Cooperation (President of Medical Centre LOTUS, President of the Association of Vietnamese Women in Poland)
Hoang Dong Quang (Karol Hoang), Spokesman (President of the Asian Estate Agency "Asean-Development" Sp. z o.o.)

Association of Vietnamese Entrepreneurs in Poland

ul. Nadrzeczna 7C
05-552 Wólka Kosowska 

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.