Founded in 2002 by Vietnamese Women living in Poland. Its aim is to provide support not only to the Vietnamese but also to Poles through various activities. Main activities:
- Cooperation with other non-governmental organisations in Poland.
- Paying close attention to high professional and ethical level among the members of the Association and their families.
- Popularising social rules which focus on the development of the legal culture and on the social activity in exploring Polish culture, history and language.
- Representing the members and their families before the government and the administrative organs.
- Creating a positive image of the social role that people with Vietnamese origins have.
- Protecting the laws and professional interests of the Vietnamese.
- Nurturing the national traditions and developing integration between Vientamese and EU communities.
- Organising meetings, events, social life, humanitarian aid and cooperation among the Vietnamese community and others.
- Supporting and promoting the economic, scientific and ecological cooperation between Poland and Vietnam, as well as other countries.
- Initiating and supporting all forms of education, especially promoting the successes of Vietnamese children.

Association of Vietnamese Women in Poland
Nadrzeczna 3F lok. 18 
05-552 Wólka Kosowska