ARVALAVA Ltd. produces sweets known as "OTTOMAM TEMPTATION'.
Baklava is baked daily from fresh, homemade filo pastry (Turkish yufka) by Turkish bakers. Every ingredient is carefully chosen. Pistachios, nuts, almonds and coconut are of the highest quality. All products used are of natural origins. 'We don't add any preservatives to our products. Our homemade baklava is delicious, the dough is crisp, and its thinness is perfect to a degree that you can see through it and read a newspaper. We offer various kinds and forms of Baklava, to start with traditional Turkish baklava, through a characteristic greeg baklava, to finish with arabic baklava. Our baklava may have different forms: triangles, squares, durum, sarma, burma, bracelets, kadyif, nests. It is made from walnuts, peanuts, cashew nuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, coconut and almonds.'