On 20 December 2013 The Other Space Foundation, Foundation "Africa Another Way", Foundation for Social Diversity, Foundation for Development Beyond Borders, Foundation "Our Choice", Foundation "Open Art" for promoting closeness of cultures, on behalf of coalition of non-governmental organizations established  the Foundation for promotion the Warsaw Multicultural Center.

 Foundation "Our Choice", Foundation "Open Art" for promoting closeness of cultures,
The foundators constitued the Council of Foundation with the following members:
1. The Other Space Foundation, represented by Witek Hebanowski
2. The Foundation "Africa Another Way", represented by Mamadou Diouf
3. The Foudation for Development Beyond Borders, represented by Ksenia Naranovich
4. The Foundation of Art "Arteria", represented by Jakub Królikowsi
5. The Foundation for Social Diversity, represented by Katarzyna Kubin
6. The Foundation "Open Art" for promoting closeness of cultures, represented by Ewa Goc
7. The Foundation "Our Choice", represented by Myroslava Keryk
8. The Association SIETAR Polska, represented by Katarzyna Artemiuk
9. The Association of Free Speech, represented by Robert Krzysztoń
10. The Association of Foreigners Integreation SIC!, reprsented by Kamila Nocuń

and the Board consisted of 7 people:
1. Piotr Cykowski
2. Miroslava Keryk
3. Mamadou Diouf
4. Witek Hebanowski
5. Jakub Królikowski
6. Katarzyna Kubin
7. Ksenia Naranovich

Revisory Commission:
1. Agnieszka Kozakoszczak
2. Małgorzata Topczewska
3. Tetyana Rodnyenkova

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