Karolina Cao's blog where you can find information about most of all information about Vietnamese language. The author shares her observations of life in the mixed Polish-Vietnamese world. In articles about culture, history, customs, cuisine trying to show Vietnam in 'five flavors'. Thanks to the kindness of many people, you'll guest articles written by travelers and all those who have something in common with Vietnam. Carolina Cao about yourself:
'Lan is my Vietnamese name. My dad gave it to me in remembrance of Polish name in Vietnamese, meaning Ba Lan. Since always
Vietnamese culture and customs were present at my house.

At home we speak Polish, so I had to go to the source for the
Vietnamese study. In 2007 I went to Vietnam. At the University of Ha Noi I learned about the ins and outs of the language of my ancestors. And I was so hooked, that the adventure continues today.

After returning to Poland I started to share my knowledge. During the five years of cooperation I developed a
Vietnamese self-learning model. I teach Poles, but I also theach Vietnamese (who grew up abroad)! For every person I have an individual approach. There are different motivations, because everyone learns for different purposes. And this is the finest in all of this: every person encountered by me is unique. There are never two the same lessons. Learning is still something that is surprising and full of life - just like the crowded streets of Ha Noi. '



Karolina Cao
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