The foundation was brought into being in 2013 because of great love and passion for music and dance originated in Africa. Because of limited knowledge and lack of awareness about values of primary rhytmes in our country, it is engaged in spreading the comprehensive information and empirical sensation regarding experience with African music and dance.

Afro dance has many varieties and styles as well as rich, global history. Depending on geographic location and time, African dance took different forms. African dance has given rise to many varieties of dance. The Foundation organizes Afro Revolution Festival which took place for the third time in 2013. It aims to show the diversity of African rhythms and steps.

The festival is an international event which promotes the African culture in Europe and especially in Poland. Afro Revolution is an ambitious cultural project. Its aim is to spread the knowledge and passion for dance and the diversity of African cultures.

Foundation goals:

  • conducting educational and cultural activity in the field of African dances as well as other dance styles, especially in terms of initiating, supporting and assisting in educational and cultural projects relating to music and dance in general.
  • promotion of music and dance styles originating in Africa.
  • Awakening and developing creative activity of children and youth with special focus on cultural aspects and common roots.
  • Teaching dance and music, upbringing and organizing recreation for children and youth.
  • promotion of culture and art of other cultures in order to spread respect and understanding for other cultures.
  • activity for the benefit of intercultural integration as well as developing contacts and co-operation between societies.


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Fundacja African Roots (African Roots Foundation)