The goal of is to demonstrate to Warsaw citizens what the Warsaw dialect is and how it sounds. The website presents examples of creative output inspired by Warsaw dialect both in its classical (Wiech, Grzesiuk, Stępowski) and the modern form (Vavamuffin, Eldo).

The website is managed by Stowarzyszenie Gwara Warszawska (Association of Warsaw Dialect). The ambition of its founders is to promote new publications, films and events related to the varieties of Warsaw dialect, language and its typical syntax. The Association organizes workshops of Warsaw dialect which are very popular. The best advertisement is the website's main page written fully in Warsaw dialect.

Website's creators also try to promote new artists reaching out to Warsaw roots (Hanka Makidatna and the band Świt Żywych Muzyków). Apart from advertising the language of Warsaw their ambition is also to present and popularize Warsaw's social and culinary traditions (if it's going to work ... we'll see).

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