Akademia Amphora Art Agency inspires people through contact with art and provides entertainment through live music.

Education: drums workshops, jazz panels, wine panel and literary panels in Polish, English and Spanish

Entertainment: organizes concerts of Drumbastic and Indialucia bands, the event “Wspomnienie PRLu” (The Memories of PRL), Carnival Rio Style Show and The Magic of Percussion Show, promotes young talents: Angelika Gaj & Damian Pietrasik, offers: DJ Marco, dance leader Marek, announcer Irekates

AKAM is a group of inspiring people who offer the planning of public and private events, small parties for companies (closed/outdoor)

Panels and Drums Workshops:

-        - Drums workshops for children of 5-10 age groups – first steps in drumming combined with the classes in Spanish and English and with the search for the child’s inner rhythm and musical imagination

-        - Drums workshops for companies

-        - Workshops for teenagers and adults – How Samba Plays and Rhythm and Play

-        - Drums workshops for the bachelor and bachelorette parties

-        - Outdoor drums workshops: for picnics, fetes (for adults and children)

-        - Jazz Panels: Jazz Styles and the Figures of Jazz Musicians

-        - Wine Panels: the philosophy and magic of wine, comparing the grapevine to the life and maturation of man, selection of wine for meals, for guests, labels on bottles, wine degustation

-        - Literary panels and Promotion of New Publications: Evenings with Polish and Spanish poetry, promotion of new books

and many others

What makes Akademia Amphora stand out is the fact that the group connects different techniques from different spheres: music, literature, science, language and culture.

AKAM operates in the whole country but has its premises in Warsaw. 

Akademia Amphora Art Agency:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

tel. 662 204 810