The Dunmore School of Irish Dance is a branch of London Delaney Academy of Irish Dance. It offers courses for students of all age groups and of all levels of advancement. The school is registrated in the Comission of Irish Dance (An Coimisiun Le Rinci Gaelacha) - the biggest organization that gathers Irish dancers.

Dunmore enables its students to participate in the international competitions of the Irish Dance (Feis) which take place few times a year.

The programme of the school is based on the standards of the Comission of Irish Dance. The programme includes:

  • Irish Dance techniques (soft and step)
  • Solo steps
  • Group dances (ceili).
The weekly classes are carried out by Polish instructors, and once in three months the workshops are conducted by Lisa Delaney-Galal, who is the mentor for all the courses at the school.

Students at our school:
  • constantly keep in touch with the Irish Dance societies in Poland and abroad
  • participate in the Irish Dance shows
  • have access to infomration about cultural events connected with Irish music and dance

'Dunmore' Irish Dance school
Ośrodek Kultury Ochoty "OKO"
Grójecka 75 St., Warszawa 

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