The Japanese word 'Marebito' means a guest, a newcomer from the faraway places who brings the blessing, songs and stories - the origin of the theatre. This figure of an early, wandering actor was completed by the host (aruji). Thus, the visitor and the host. Newcomer and household member. Master and student.

The Charity grew out of the searches for theatrical traditional cultures and contemporary performance techniques. The impulse to put the Charity in a framework came from the desire to organize in Poland in 2005 workshops conducted by the master of the theatre nō - Akira Matsui. Since then, the Charity has been developing . New shows have been created, we have gained partners.

Thanks to the Charity, the group Ryokurankai was established, led by the master Akira Matsui. They practise regularly the art of the theatre nō and present their achievements during various shows, e.g. at the Japanese conferences.

Since the beginnings of Marebito Art Charity, there has been launched the Marebito Theatre that encompasses in its artisitc expression all experiences gained during the meetings with the masters of the contemporary and the traditional theatrical forms or from the theatrical borderline.

The Charity supports other groups of artists with similar interests in the realization of their own projects.

We wish to create the situation of direct meeting. The meeting with other culture, other person, through the organization of artistic events, festivals, workshops. We want to creat a bridge between the traditional art and the present day. Admittedly, Japanese art is closest to us.

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