The Tibetan Programme run by the Foundation Other Space focuses its activity on building the people’s engagement in creating social and political support for peaceful end of Chinese occupation in Tibet. It conducts information activities, among other things the website, cooperates with the media and other non-governmental organizations to promote human rights and make people aware of the situation in Tibet.

It is a member of International Tibet Support Network (ITSN)– the world coalition of over 150 organisations acting in support of Tibet, recognizing it as an occupied country and the Tibetan Emigration Government as legally valid representatives of the Tibetan nation. These organisations actively participate in actions aiming at stopping the violation of human rights in Tibet and restoring Tibetans the internationally acknowledged rights to decide about their own political, economic, social, religious and cultural status.
As a part of the Tibetan Programme the activity of Polish-Tibetan Friendship Association (1991-2007) is being continued.

The legal character (foundation) does not provide for membership, however, persons who support our actions may join the Friend Club and support us financially by declaring regular payments.

Foundation Other Space is an organisation of public benefit which allows transferring 1% of the income tax to support its actions with the note that it is to support the Tibetan Programme directly.

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