The Foundation (in Polish: Fundacja Kultury i Dziedzictwa Ormian Polskich) is based on the idea that Armenians has always been and they are a very imporatant element of Polish history and culture. The foundation puts the main interest in art and culture heritage of Polish Armenian community throughout the ages: manuscripts, prints, photographies, liturgical apparel items, paintings, souvenirs. The foundation gathers and catalogues the objects as well as carries necessary maintain works to preserve them in a good condition. The collection of documents consists of 465 folders containing loose, not yet catalogued, papers. There are famous clergyman and politician's manuscripts of sermons, notes, correspondence among them.

Fundacja Kultury i Dziedzictwa Ormian Polskich
ul. Zgoda 4/16
00-018 Warszawa
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tel. + 48 22 243 18 42