The Foundation (Fundacja Ocalenie) is focused first of all on supporting refugees and repatriants in Poland as well as co-operation for integration and pre-integration of refugees and repatriants, providing help for Polish communities in Caucasus region, supporting intercultural dialogue and multiculturalism. The Foundation realises its aims by:
  • assistance for refugees and immigrants on the territory of Poland,
  • supporting state institutions (e.g. by consultations or organising workshops),
  • co-operation with state institutions and non-governmental organizations active in a field of assistance for refugees and immigrants,
  • participation in researches which monitor the situation of refugees and immigrants in Poland,
  • supporting Polish diasporas on Caucasus,
  • supporting repatriation of people of Polish descent from Georgia.

Fundacja 'Ocalenie'
Salvation Foundation
Koszykowa 24/1
00-553 Warsaw

Contact details:
Tel./fax: +48 22 828 50 54
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