Free Belarus Initiative (Inicjatywa Wolna Białoruś) is a non-governmental organisation gathering young activists supporting the development of democracy in European countries. The association supported Ukraine's Orange Revolution and at the end of 2005 - pro-democratic movements in Belarus. On the one hand it is the Internet portal, providing the news about freedom movments in Belarus and on the other - there are organised conferences, meetings, Polish-Belarusian exchanges. Among the activities of the Initiative are:
  • direct support for the pro-democratic movements in Belarus,
  • motivating Poles as well as other nationals to support the Belarussians in their struggle for democracy and Human Rights,
  • delivering up-to-date information about the political repression in Belarus, support campaigns for the democratic opposition, a free press, and the free flow of information from the country,
  • organising concerts 'Solidarity with Belarus' (Solidarni z Białorusią).
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