Brazil. For some - a great tourist attraction, for others - mythical land with no borders. And Samba? For random tourists it's more like a frenzy of the body, but for the true natives... it's a completely different story. Because you can't just describe Samba. You have to dance it!

Would like to see the best ones? Would you like to feel the hottes rhythms of the world on your own skin? Come and see the masterful Dança Brasil show! Dança Brasil is an international art group that was created out of love for the Latin American culture. And the Brazilian sun... The founder - Joanna Marków, gained experience form Brazilian dance masters in the undisputed capital of Samba - the divine RIo.

Dança Brasil is the most spectacular Latin dance and music show in Poland. The rich offer includes not only the traditional samba no pé, capoeira or the original Afro-Brazilian and African rhythms. Thanks to cooperation with the drum band Miçanga, led by Eduardo Motumbá, Dança Brasil's shows are enriched with African tribal dances and the authentic samba de roda.

The dancers perform only in the original outfits directly form Brazil. We perform at: company events, galas, conferences, anniversaries, parades, city days, picnics, workshops, integration parties, club parties (open and closed), company dance classes, etc.

We've been organizing Brazilian events since 2000 and the group itself exists since 2005. We enjoy the trust of the event industry and corporate clients. We set standards of the Brazilian shows in Poland. 

The Dança Brasil Project with its performances celebrated many TV shows. The New Year's Eve TVP and Canal + programmes, a TVP2 talk show of Mann and Materna, "Przebojowa Noc", "Szymon Majewski Show", performances for TVN Style.


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