Polish theatre and cinema director of Georgian descent, born on the 3rd of November 1937.   He has graduated from the Jawachiszwili National Theatre Academy in Tbilisi. He bound his professional life with Poland. He was involved in directing and scriptwriting for film and theatre. Among his artistic achievements you will find such movies and theatre play as:
Film: Violetta Villas Sings (1970), Looking into the sun  (1971), Taman (1969), Object (1968), The High Olympus (1967), 
Theatre of the Times of  Nero (1988), 12 chairs (1988), Lighter (1975 ), Tragedian against his (1974), Cricket Behind the Chimney (1973), Stronger (1973),  Masquerade (1973), Swan Song (1973),  The Choice (1972),  Valentine & Valentine (1972), Demon (1971), Princess Merry (1971), A Villa near Vienna (1971), The Knight in the Panther's Skin (1968) , The Late Letter (1968).
Now he dedicates himself to making pickaxes (they are pieces made using the technique of metalwork), which can be admired in his gallery on 46 Piwna street. He also has a Georgian restaurant - "Argo".  

Galeria Ciciszwili
Piwna 46 street, Warszawa


tel: 22 635 06 03