Artist, painter of Georgian descent.  Born in 1960. She is a daughter of a Georgian painter Levan Burdula. She graduated from the Tbilisi Academy of Fine Arts. When still living in Georgia she worked as a scene designer. She lives in Poland since 1995. Here she contiues her creative work. She shows her art pieces in modern art galleries.She dedicates herself mainly to paintng, illustration and computer graphics.    

Chosen exhibitions:
The Orangerie Gallery in Jabłonna,  "Garden" gallery in Jabłonna,
The Gallery of the President of Warsaw, the "Luksfera", "ARKA", "Forma&Colour", "Flik", Otwarte Koło" Galleries, 
The "Gorkis" Gallery in Cracow the "Wok" Gallery in the Folk Art Museum in Węgorzewo, Ujazdowski Palace Centre for Modern Art in Warsaw,
II Malczewski self-portrait Triennale in Radom 
III Triennale of Plastic Arts "Sacrum" in Częstochowa
The International Exhibition in Venice,
V International Exhibition "Miniature Art" in Stockholm
IV International Exhibition "Female Artist's Art Annual"

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