Historian, Kartvelologist. He is an assistant professor in the Eastern European department of the faculty of Oriental Studies at the Warsaw University, as well as the head of the Caucasian Seminar of the Eastern European Studies Department at the University of Warsaw.   In1990 r. he finished his studies at the History Faculty of the Tbilisi University. In the mid nineties he was a doctor in the Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology department in the Historic Institute of the Warsaw University. Afterwards he got employed at the Eastern European Studies Department of the Oriental Studies Faculty at the Warsaw University. Apart from this he is the head of the Caucasian Station of the Warsaw University in Tbilisi. 

He specialises in the history of the Caucasian region, in the area of the Eastern Church and late Antique Christianity. He is the author of many scientific publications. 

He is the founder of "Pro Georgia. Journal of Kartvelological Studies" and its editor in chief . He is the member of the international comission of the Heritage of St. George Peradze.  

Since 2002 r. he organises Annual St. George Peradze International Caucasologist Sessions. In 2003 he was in Greece (The Athos Mountain), where he did a library and archival query; at the Columbia University and at the Dumbarton Oaks Center for Byzantine Studies in Washington.

He taught the history of the Caucasian region i.a. at European univeristies (  Humboldt, Santiago de Compostela, Halle-Wittenberg) and at the  Iwane Dżawachiszwili University in Tbilisi. He was awarded the title of doctor honoris causa  of the St. George Peradze University (2009).