Becaye Aw was born in Mauretania but raised in Senegal. A fantastic guitarist and singer the master of the regional african guitar style, where such string instruments as xalam, the one-string riti or the popular 21-string kora reign.    Becaye's guitar technique is similar to the traditional playing technique for the above mentioned instruments. In his career Becaye cooperated wiith many stars of world music,like Ali Farka Toure or Baaba Maal. He has lived in Norway for several years now, where he participates in many artistic projects. 

Becaye studied in Warsaw ( Warsaw School of Ecnomics - SGH), befor he emigrated at the begining of the 90' to Norway. He visits Warsaw very often. During his studies in Poland he co-created the "Blue Africa" and "St Africa" projects with Mamadou Diouf’em. This true bluesman and educated economist speaks several languages, including Polish.
Zespół Becaye Aw Trio recorded the „Sibi” album in April 2009. This album is the fruit of close cooperation between Becaye’m AW and Olav Helge Norbakken Torget. It received an award of „best album in the „crossover” category in Norway and was in the first 20 of the European World Music Chart in 2009. The Warsaw audience had the ocassion in September 2012 in "Cafe Kulturalna" and the Łowicka Cultural Centre.