Elmi comes from Somalia, he is a graduate of the University of Mogadiszu (the capital of the country), by profession he is a vet. He worked for two years in his profession, before he fled the country during the civil war in 1991. He reached Poland in 1996. He is an example of a refugee, who managed to build a life in Poland, inspite of various adversities. He began participating in the NGO sector. He established and became the head of the Somali Association in the Polish Republic. The main aim of the organisation is to promote the Somali diaspora in Poland - its culture, language, literature. It also realizes educational and integration projects. To Elmi the support for immigrants is very important - so that they can find their way in a new country. No only Somalis are Among the beneficiaries of the Association, also all the migrants who come to the Organisation. He is a journalist of the IMI radio - the first internet radio for immigrants in Poland, operating next to the Multicultural Centre in Warsaw. He is also a great photographer. Elmi has simultanously worked for the Foundation for Somalia. After the death of its chief, Abdulcadir Farah Gabeire, in a coup in Mogadiszu, Elmi became the new chief of the Foundation for Somalia, in autumn 2015 r.