Bantamba is a project of the Gambian artist Buba Badjie Kuyateh. The musician comes from a "Griot" family and has been living in Warsaw for several years now. Buba plays the kora - a typical instrument of the Malinke community. It is a 21 string harp, called the royal harp. It is very subtle and hard to master. Griots are the only ones, who in traditional cultures of Western Africa dedicated themselves to music. You are e Griot by birth. It is also them who cultivate legends, myths, the history of kingdoms and the customs. They are a true memory of their communities. Bantamba combines the traditonal Malinke music with jazz, funk and other modern sounds. Buba invited Daniel Słomiński (contrabass) and Dominik Jaski ( drums) to the Bantamba project.