''Recicl@-G en Cuero’' is a group playing fusion music.
Different music styles play in the hearts and souls of the band members. Through his band Yoilan Perez Harriette connected musicians and their music, creating a new artistic path.  
‘’Recicl@-G en Cuero’’ has a bit of everything.
After several years of playing traditional Cuban music in Poland, Yollan started missing what he used to create with his friends in Cuba. This is where the idea of creating a new group and new song in a similar style stemmed from. The band that was launched here is a continuation and extension of what was going on on Cuba, hence the continuity of the name - Recicl@-G and the addition "en cuero", meaning "naked" - with nothing to hide. 

The best Cuban  (Rei Ceballo, Toni Junior B.I.G, Eddy Aguero) and Polish musicians  (Krzysztof Więckowski, Sebastian Kuchczyński i Roland Grzegorz Abreu Krysztofiak), fascinated by latino rythms were invited to join the project. This combination of Cuban and European culture give an explosive mix. A significant influence of salsa, son, reggaeton, rhumba, as well as pop, rock, hip hop, rap and alternative music can be heard in the music of  Recicl@-G en Cuero. You don't have to be a fan of latino music to let the music of the band conquer your heart and... legs. With no doubt everyone will find something intersting and "tasty" in this innovative project - ''Recicl@-G en Cuero''