He comes from Cuba's eldest city - Baracoa, there he grew up and learnt how to play the bongos and other Cuban percussion instruments. He graduated from the School for Art Instructors in Guantanamo with the diploma of art instructor in music. On Cuba he performed in two bands: Septeto Juventud, which played modern arrangements of traditional Cuban music and in ''Recicl@-G'' which combined the music of this tropical island with music from Europe.
In 2009 he came to Poland. Since then he has been participating in many Latin American projects and more. He performed in the Megitza band, he is a member of  Son de Cuba and participates in a project called Conoce Mi Cuba. In 2012 he started a new band: ''Recicl@-G en Cuero'' , which is a continuation of his musical work, started with his friends in Cuba.

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