Yoilan comes from Cuba's eldest city - Baracoa, there he grew up and learnt how to play the bongos and other Cuban percussion instruments. He graduated from the School for Art Instructors in Guantanamo with the diploma of art instructor in music. He immigrated to Poland in 2009. Currently he lives in Warsaw and is active in various music projects.


In Cuba he played in a band Septeto Juventud, which performed traditional cuban music in a modern arrangement. He also founded Recicla-G, a band which combined cuban music with popular styles - rock, pop or reggae. The name of the band refers to idea of recycling - mixing different styles to create unique track. In Poland Yoilan reactivated the project - he invited to cooperation cuban musicians, who live in Poland and some Polish artists. He presented the project Recicla-G on Multicultural Warsaw Street Party 2020 - he performed with polish singer Olga Pławska.

He also plays regulary on percussion instruments in a cuban band Tres del Son, which performs traditional cuban music (for example tracks by Buena Vista Social Club) and popular latin music covers. 

Yoilan performed also in a band Megitza, played in a band Son de Cuba, took part in the initiative Conoce Mi Cuba and he was the initiator of the project Baracoa que son - a song created by Cuban musicians that come from Baracoa but live now in different parts of the Europe. 



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