Undaunted musician born in Paris in 1979.
In France, he was professionally engaged in sports, especially in basketball and athletics discipline. He has made many achievements, including two-time participation in the French Championship Finals. He lives in Poland since 2005. At a time when he felt the need to change in his life, Lude Reno, a friend of Eric, got interested him in ... Poland. Being familiar with the country after one year, Lude encouraged him to arrival.
Together, in Poland they already made a documentary commissioned by French television and from that moment, Eric has focused on work related to the media. He was intrigued by the specific nature of the profession and the possibility to use his yet unrevealed talent for singing and dancing.
And although Eric mentions the music as an ever-present in his life, he believes that finally in Poland he found his true destiny.
For several years he has been occupied professionally with the music and has won a lot of experience and success. Since 2007, he sang with the band Micanga a Brazilian and Caribbean music. Then he developed his skills in the direction of styles such as soul, pop and hip-hop. The biggest influence on the composition and work is what he feels deep in his heart.
Eric has worked so far, among others, with Doda, Tatiana Okupnik, Piotr Polk and Anna Jurksztowicz. He participated in television shows such as Your Face sounds Familiar, Soapstar Superstar, Superstracie and serials and advertisements.
In 2010, together with a team of Safri Duo he won Bydgoszcz Hit Festival.
Currently he is looking for a manager.

Telephone number.: 503 400 566
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.