Born in Mexico, a young, active artist. For four years he has lived in Poland, where he came to complete a Masters degree in biology and environmental protection. Here he also had the chance to explore his love for art, he is now a member of two bands, in which he plays the guitar. During the first visit to Warsaw he took part in the meeting of the Young Artists Mexican, then he regularly and actively engaged in projects of Other Space Foundation and Continent Warsaw portal, among others working during events and festivals such as the Multicultural Warsaw Street Party, Transkaukazja, One Caucasus, the Mexican Day of the Dead or Migration Policy Forum.
He also supports the integration of foreigners in the formal field, while volunteering at the Office for Foreigners or at the Point Information for Migrants.
Moreover, he is now engaged in the operation of the newly established immigrant IMI Radio. His dream is to be a writer.

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