The band consistsof people who have been fascinated with the traditional music of Spanish Andalusia.
Imbued with the spirit of fiery flamence, through music a dance, during its concerts the band transfers an amazing dose of Polish-Spanish energy. The reportoir of the band consists of both traditional flamenco formas and contemporary variations about them, their own compositions and nuevo flamenco pieces of music, in which we can hear influance of Arabic and jazz music. 

Iwona Skrzos - guitar, dance
Wiktoria Kwiatkowska - vocal
Maciej Wieżyński - guitar
Anika Kamińska - cajon, drums, palmas
Marta Wierzbowska - flet poprzeczny, palmas
Kamila Olesińska - dance, vocal, palmas
Andrzej Kowalski - bass guitar

Anika Kamińska
tel.: 509598596
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.