Moribayassa is a group of artists joined together by the love for traditional music of West Africa. They share passion which became the basis of great friendship which is the source of joy coming from playing together and of a positive atmosphere during their concerts. Indeed, the band gives a lot of positive energy.
Energetic, trans music of drums and expressive dance make each show an a full of experiances journe to the source of rhytm. The repertoir of the band consists of rhytms and melodies of Malinke and Susu tribes, who lives far away in Gwinea and Mali. The members of the band have been travelling to Africa and different countries of Europe several times in order do learn from the master of African music, among them there were: Famadou Konate, Seckou Keita, Lancinet Conde, Babara Bangoura, Sana Camara. Dancers learn from famous dancers of African Ballet (among them: Aminata Toure, Mahamed Dabo, Tanti Sylla, Aboubacar Sylla). The members of the band also play in other bands connected with widely understood world music like: Dzikie Jabłka, Bałkan Sevdah, Madrugada, Bloco Central and others.

Anika Kamińska - djembe, dance

Zbigniew Iwański - dundun

Dawid Koniecki - djembe

Radosław Herman - fula flute, kenkeni

Małgorzata Marecka - dance, shekere, carignian, kosi kosi

Katarzyna Zadora - sangban, vocal

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tel.: 509598596