Ventzislav Piriankov was born in 1971 in Choumen in Bulgaria. From early childhood he was taught by a famous Bulgarian painter Anastas Konstaintov. He was a student of the National Academy of Art in Sofia for one year, then he came to Poland to continue his studies at University of Arts in Poznań (former Academy of Fine Arts). He graduated in 1995 from painting in the work place of prof. Jacek Waltoś.

Ventzi was a mature artists as a very young man. When he was still in high school there were exhibitions of his pictures in galleries in Plovidiv, a city of artists, from which he came and where he was learning.

His works with a spirit of culture of the South, was enriched by elements of ascetism, silence, stability and order. Ventzislav, continuing his artistic career, was appreciated by many famous personalities like a great conductor Jerzy Maksymiuk, mrs president Jolanta Kwaśniewska, and even the president of German Johannes Rau and the minister of culture Julia

Piriankov's painting is an unexpected mix of two areas: eroticism and sacrum. One movement consists of pictures with deep roots of iconography together with the rawness of monochromatic colours.
Stability and peace emanates from them, the mind of a viewer perceives only an outline of contours of the figures, he is not distracted by any details. The second movement is the embodiment of a sphere conneted with eroticism - the pictures are full of passion both in terms of form and colour. However, even the pictures of married couple or a lovers still represent some kinf of being frozen or static. Ventzi love to icons can be also noticed in a warm, often gold and red colours of his pictures. An excellent workshop is also seen both in form and esthetics of the pictures.