Karkandoo is an intercultural educational and artistic programme that aims at promoting the diversity of cultures of the Sub-Saharan Africa.
The Karkandoo group consists of three people: Mintaj, Lionel and Patrycja, who together conduct art classes for both children and adults.
The workshops include:
- the creation of Galimoto - Kenyan recyclable toys - moving vehicles made from wire, or figures made from buttons, paper, foil, wool and pieces of fabrics
- building instruments - bamboo rainsticks
- classes on intercultural education covering topics such as the diversity of African cultures and languages; conducted at kindergartens and at schools.

So far, the worshops have taken place at, among others, the African Film Festival - AfryKamera, at the Refugee Day in Łomża or at the Holidays in the Praha Cinema.
tel.: 880 544 232