A band presenting their passion connected with traditional music of the Balkans. It's a clash of four personalities, experience and sensitivity.
Balkan Sevdah was established in 2004 to derive joy from discovering sounds seeping from the sources of Drina and Vardar rivers, from the buzz and reflection of towns hiden along the riverside of Naretva and in Rhodopes and Pirin valleys and Dinaric Mountains. Thanks to making music the musicians often come back, physically or spiritually, to those places full of exotic sounds, intensive flowers odour, herbs, roasted lambs, amazing buildings and abundant nature.
They play with sounds through arrangament and improvisation. They try to graps the esence of melodies and combine them with their own understanding of this extraordinarily rich and diverse tradition. The result of this is melodic, dynamic, sometimes reflective, from time to time wild, full of temperament and atmosphere characteristic for southeastern extremity of European continent.

Mateo – double bass
Radek Polakowski – accordion, violin, vocal
Tomek Stawiecki – clarinet, bas clarinet, saxophone
Marcin Zadronecki – vocal, drum
Some of the concerts:
Mikołajki Folkowe 2004 (Folk Mikołajki) – the main prize of jury
Koprivshtica 2005– Bulgaria
Burg Waldeck Festival 2006– Koblenz, German
Rozhanitsa 2008– Kiev, Ukraine
Art Forum 2007– Orahove, Kosovo
Festiwal Ziem Górskich 2007 (Festival of Highland Folklore) – Zakopane
Bajram 2010– Vilnius, Lithuania
Pokrovskije Kołokoła 2010 – Vilnius, Lithuania
Przystanek Woodstock 2011 (Woodstock Festival)
Tzadik Festival 2012 – Poznań

- „Ramizem” July 2005
- „Yaman Aman Aman” February 2009
- „Yari Nani” October 2010
- „Akustik” November 2013

Marcin Zadronecki
tel.: 663 136 309

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