This is the first cajon team in Poland, formed in Warsaw in June 2009. Their debut gig was in Bemowski's Cultural Center ART.BEM. The band consists of attending to KLICK&DRUM drumming courses.
Music of Viva El CAJON! is inspired by the ethnic sounds which are emphasized by instruments used during concerts. The band's name comes from cajon ( the Spanish - box), an instrument derived from Peru, sounding reminiscent of a snare drum, and similar to the shape of a cuboid. The musician sits on the top of it, and thanks to a combination of several basic strokes he is able to create dozens of rhythmic pulsation. The characteristic snare sound owes instrument strings or springs, which are located under the front panel, in which the musician strikes.
Team Viva El CAJON! except cajons uses also associated with South America and Africa djembe conga, imported from Indonesia celempung and other percussion instruments such as the ud , cow- bell, agogo, kabaza, shekere, claves, rattles, etc.
During the concert band in addition to their own songs may appear with rhythms inspired by African juju, sabar, Fang or Kass, Cuban Rumba or Brazilian Samba Abierta. We also hear the rhythm of Arabic and familiar with popular music funky rhythm.
The band is open.

Tel: 608 670 725
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