Professional dance revue. Energetic Brazilian show with live music. Original instruments, professional musicians from percussion group Drumbastic and beautiful dancers will move you into the fabulous world of the carnival.
Viva Brasil will cooperate in organizing events, street dance festivals, corporate events and private events, club concerts, festivals, cultural events and sporting events, happenings, picnics and integration meetings, promotional events, days of cities, etc.

DANCE SHOWS - Viva Brasil revue:

  • Brazilian Samba - beautiful dancers in original costumes with sequins and feathers will warm up every audience and bring guests a truly carnival atmosphere. Interesting choreography and incredible energy! Extremely colorful outfits - skirts with flounces and turbans with fruits.

  • Maculele / capoeira show - a show of traditional Afro-Brazilian dance. Dancing looks like the fight, because the dancers hold in their hands a short wooden stick. Very exuberant show with  acrobatic elements.
  • Mambo Cubano - a lively, traditional yet elegant dance that takes all on the hot streets of Havana. Characteristic of this type of dance is fast footwork and strong arm movements. The advantage of this show are also very colorful outfits - skirts with flounces and a turban with fruits.
  • Salsa con Rumba - hot, sensual, yet energetic and fast, put each event in Latin vibe. Salsa is popular around the world Latin American dance of Caribbean origin. It draws from many styles, combining elements of rumba and Afrocuban dance. Dancers present themselves in black or cream body decorated with gold sequins and feathers.
A perfect complement shows an animation dance with the guests (mini workshops) - Dancers lead a short course of joining the fun of all the participants of the event


The Drumbastic band:

Our music grabs to dance, draws attention to a word, no one passes by her indifference!
Groovy Brazilian rhythms! Energy native from Rio de Janeiro!

The main advantage of the team is that we are mobile. Playing the drums we have the ability to move, dance and perform choreography.
We do not need any extra publicity. The team consists of 4-5 people.

We are flexible and open-minded. We adapt shows to customer requirements.
Our drums are perfect for placing ads on your product.
The team may occur in costumes appropriate to promote a product.

DRUMBASTIC - Semifinalist MAM TALENT 2012

Manager - Kuba Makowczyński
tel. 505 - 210 - 942
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