Born in 1985 in Kaliningrad, an audio-visual artist, animator and professional drummer. She deals with the popularization of authentic music of the East and the Mediterranean areas.

The first time she come to Poland in 2005, as a part of a cultural and historical exchange, during which she worked on archeological and photography projects in Masuria.

Long time she dealt with the creational photography, she participated in many exhibitions, among others, in Russia, Germany, Italy, the USA and in Lithuania. After winning the prestigious "Young Photographer of Russia 2007" award and the scholarship of the Polish National Cultural Centre she held an internship at the Lodz Film School.

Then she started working at the Warsaw Archeology of Photography Foundation, where she was working on a found photography (with her archive in this area, in 2013 she participated in the exhibition at the Photo Festival in Lodz). The result of working in the FAF was publishing her work in a book of photography and visual sociology. Then she also led a workshop with graphic and photographic processes of Cyanotype type.

Xenia is also a patterns and ornaments designer, she produced pre-formed handmade symmetrical mandalas. Recently she cooperate with Polish - English company, producing fine scarves (inspired by the Russian tsar models).

In connection with her other passion, which is music, Xienia attended different workshops and individual classes and came across on her own direction. She went on a trip to the Greek island of Crete, where she focused on learning the skills of playing instruments of Persian, Indian, Turkish and Greek origin, and to work with the band performing traditional Cretan music.

The ultimate point, however, proved to be hoop drums on which Xenia learned to play from the master living in Israel - Zohar Fresco (it is now also a member of the musical project Możdżer Trio).

The next step in her career was a school of frame drums, which she founded in Kaliningrad. Currently, she operates with the same profile in Warsaw - this is the first school, where you learn how to play these instruments in Poland. The concept of the facility is based on the study of rhythmic music traditions of the Orient, the techniques of playing drum instruments (especially the frame drums) discovering personal creative potential through the game, the use of voice and movement, and improvisation participants, synchronization and coordination of the development of the body (which has therapeutic properties).



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