The charismatic Frenchman, an excellent drummer, teacher and traveler. He began dealig with percussion music in 1997, he is interested in mainly West African percussion instruments (djembe, dundun, dundun kassonke), he also plays the congas and balaphone. His first trip to Africa took place in 2000, where he worked with the National Ballet of Mali, since then he regularly travels there every year - he develops your own style and expands knowledge of the Dark Continent (mainly Mali, Guinea, Senegal). In addition to traditional music, which meets the practical side of champions participating in the ceremonies that govern life in Africa, it is also more modern music. He works with African ballets.  Maxime crossed Mali and Guinea , discovering differences in styles, hd also visited the village of Kouma ( Hammanah) and Faranah . At the same time, in Europe he created hus own formation, following the advice of the masters with whom he met during a number of workshops ( Mamady Keita, Konate Famoudou, Fadouba Oulare, Yelemba and others). At the same time since 2002 he has been teaching percussion instruments, both in regular courses and workshops in music schools, the Institute of Medico -Social, primary and secondary schools. He is formating groups. In June, July and August 2006, he worked as an animator music classes for children aged 6-15 years, the festival Dubai Summer Surprise in Dubai along with an international group of Saltimbanco Italiano .
In September 2006, he left for a year to Mali and Guinea, where together with the dancer Wioletta Wojciechowska he developed his knowledge about the combination of dance and drums. He participates in numerous musical projects, as Groupe Zoreol (music from the islands of Reunion and the Indian Ocean ); groups involved in African music - Angata, Kalenden Nyouma; groups engaged in soul music - Soul Influence and reggae - Ras ' Creol. Together with the teams he crossed France giving concerts. In Poland, he plays in a band Rhythm Zone and Konoba. He plays as an accompaniment for dance workshops, and lectures, he conducts classes on balaphone and djembe in school
Strefy Rytmu (Centrum Kultur Świata).

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