Groove Baza is a project aiming at joining traces of music cultues, which have the same rhytm and pulse. The band was established by Tomek Konca in 2011 - musician, producer, promoter and music journalist, whose is surrounded by excellent musicians.
Thanks to the open character of the group a lot of international artists connected with Warsaw performed with Groove Baza. Among them there were: Mamadou Diuf from Senegal, Mass Cypher from Jamaica, Noe Nitot from France, Joao Nasciment from Brazil and Marika, Kaceet, Mr. Reggaenerator, Madmajk, Krzysztof Ścierański, Rafał Kwaśniewski and many musician from Warsaw.

Groove Baza perform afrobeat, funk and reggae music and they have authorial compositions and covers of Fela Kuti, Max Priest, Bob Marley, Bestie Boys and Paul Simon. Now, Groove Baza works on EPka, on which we'll find, for example cover of Republika's "Telephones" in afrobeat version in French.  

Stefano Auguste (Mauritius) - vocal
Jerzy Burkacki - bas
Grzegorz Klapa- guitar
Tomek Konca- guitar
Kazik Nitkiewicz- trumpet
Adrian Pawlak- drums
Dominik Sprancel- vocal
Adam Witrambowski- percussion instruments
Artur Zwierzchowski- vocal

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