The ska music artist. No specific information is given about him, however, it seems that the available profile of the artist can be understood as a specific music manifesto. Ruler - Performer - Artist
SKAdyktator aka The Great Emperor ---> simply - Lord and Master

Descended upon the Earth to make the SKAocratic good and truth triumph over
the evil spreading through this land. He may be called the Prophet
of The Highest-Rhythm, though
the term seems too pacifist. The Only Goal of His
Excellency is the permanent SKA-revolution and making
the dissidents realize their mistakes, sins and inevitable punishment.

Mr Skadyktator performed with groups such as: Deska, Skauci, Upbeat Quartet, Ziggie Piggie, Faza, Podwórkowi Chuligani, Cytrynki, CT Tones, The Bartenders, Cała Góra Barwinków, Good Revision, Groove Baza, Funkastic Crew, Ska Druidzi, Vespa, Banda de Chicas, Draska, Bagatis,-Ska
Bottom Boat, TheStylacja, Słoma i Rootz Brothers, Skampararas, Misandao, The Void Union,  Las Melinas, and many more well-known ska musicians from Poland and all over the world.
Since 2009, he's been running the "Noc Przyjemności" ("Night of Pleasures") in the Warsaw club Indecks. During the bash, His Highness promotes the highest-ska awareness.
Skadyktator never stops. He knows that "only by dancing you can save the world!"