Tamara Raven is a multi-talented singer born in Suchumi by the Black Sea. She took up the interest in music, undoubtedly, thanks to her mother - a music teacher. Her singing adventure began with the performances for family and friends in her early age when her great predispositions to stage career had already been seen. The professional phase of her career began in the Abkhazian National Philharmonic, where she had been performing at the age of 7 as the children choir member. After leaving Caucasus, Tamara continued her musical education in Moscow at the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts where she sang at the opera performances.
In 1995 Tamara turned to jazz. Her first performances took place in Caucasus and in Moscow, until 2003 when she moved permanently to Warsaw. She immediately found her place on the Warsaw jazz scene, performing at various concerts and cooperating with some musicians, Piotr Karol Sawicki (a pianist) among them.
She also cooperates with the "Jazz in Progress" project, together with Piotr Karol Sawicki (piano), Kostek Donskoy (trumpet) and Dj Echoplex in charge of the percussion instruments and the creation of a specific atmosphere.

In 2005 Tamara Raven recorded a soundtrack for the Moscow "Norma" group as a part of their album.