Eugeniusz Tiemnikow, as he himself says, has been singing since he remembered. Where he comes from, singing has always been highly acceptable. He was a soloist in the school choir but after graduating from hih school he started working as a locksmith in a factory. However, with music always being his destination, he decided to join the music school at the faculty for choir conductors. He then studied at the Moscow University where he used to perform on various national celebrations and other events. In 1981 he moved to Poland to his wife Joanna - it was not very yeasy in those times. And although these times were not particularly entertaining, he performed a lot. He was a member of the Orthodox choir in the Warsaw borough of Wola under the direction of Wasyl Kalinowski. 
In 2008 he was enrolled to the informal LitMuzIn group by the Russian-speaking Warsaw youth. During the group's meetings he has been performing old Russian ballads (romances).
At the beginning of the previous year he became an active member of the Con Passione choir at the Academy of Fine Arts. From the beginning of this year he has embarked on his solo career and has worked on a recital titled "Russian romance in the works of Bernard Ładysz".
The event coincides with the 90th birthday of this renowned Polish singer. Eugeniusz Tiemnikow met the Master and his wife Leokadia Rymkiewicz personally and has been, as he recalls, blessed to promote the works and songs once performed by Bernard Ładysz, whose voice has fallen deep into people's memories.
He's currently working on his second recital under the working title "Modern Polish history in singing - Memorable songs", based on the compositions by M. Fogg, E. Fetting, J. Połomski, B. Ładysz, and other renowned Polish artists.
In 2012 he performed, among others:
in Krasinski Library in Warsaw, in "klub sąsiadów" in Muszyna Zdrój, in the club-room of Stare Budy near Myszków.