Mulemba is an African dance revue co-created mainly by the representatives of various African tribes such as Bakongo, Kimbundu or Zulu who were brought together not only by common passion, professionalism and descent but before all – by Poland.

The group was created in January 2012 by an Angolan dancer Dúnia Pacheco in order to promote African dances as well as the wealth and diversity of African cultures. As a leader and choreographer of the Brazilian revue Dança Brasil, Dúnia led the team to success many times. The team took part in Season 2 of “Poland’s Got Talent” and cooperated on artistic programmes of “Samba Festival” 2009 and 2010 as well as “Afro-Brazilian Drums Festival” 2008 and 2009.

For many years she has been working with the Embassy of Angola in Poland which granted her the title of „Angolan Culture Ambassador”. As part of her work she represented and promoted her culture among other things at “X Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project”, at the second edition of “African Festival” in Warsaw and the first edition of “Afro Dance Festival” in Warsaw. Additionally, she also represented Angola at the 5th “Travel Festival” in Olsztyn and many editions of “Multicultural Warsaw Street Party” as well as at the 3rd edition of “Festival of World Cultures – Window onto the world” in Gdańsk where she worked with such Angolan stars as Maya Cool, Kituxi and Banda Maravilha.

“Mulemba” is an African fig tree. The name originates from the Angolan dialect Kimbundu which is currently one of the mostly spread tribe languages in Angola. The fig tree is a symbol of something exotic – Africa, the continent which rich culture has inspired dancers for many years. This revue was created to promote both the work of dancers who come from Africa and their culture. It is a true challenge for them to find a job as dancers, a place where they could cherish their greatest passion. One of the most important priorities for them is to stay in contact with their culture and to represent it as well as they can.

Another of their tasks is to integrate the dancers who were born in Poland (whose parents were mixed Polish and Angolan couples) with dancers from Africa. This integration aims at the exchange of experience, information and getting to know one’s roots.

African Dance Revue – Mulemba assures outstanding stage attractions which enable the audience to feel the atmosphere of multi-ethnic origin of its members who come from Angola, Congo, South Africa and Poland. Each show of Mulemba dancers takes the audience in an exotic and educational journey to the roots of every presented culture.