A Virtuso who comes from the marvelous Gambia - the smallest African country. Buba is an excellent musician from the family of artists whose main goal is to transfer the traditions and history to the next generations. His every concert is a pleasure for listeners of various music tastes. Staying in Poland for the last two years Buba is an immensly talented singer and the kora player. He's been learning to play the kora, a 21-string bridge harp with long traditions, since he was seven. He can also play the balafon. The characteristic sounds of African west coast, hidden in the artist's skills, is a true AFROdisiac. A mixture of traditional techniques of the Afro mandin style with the innovative and fresh improvisation that Buba does not avoid, is like a journey to the nooks of the magical emotions. It makes you feel the lightness of this fusion and enjoy its pleasures at the same time. The Gambian artist opens new horizons for his listeners, he teaches them his culture, guides them, but also promotes tolerance, kindness and openness. He claims that his greatest goal is to give joy and happiness to the people.
In 2013 his solo album "Peace" was released.

Buba willingly cooperates with Polish musicians organizing various thrilling projects. With the multi-instrumentalist Łukasz Looki Sabat, he fuses the sounds of the kora and the duduk and with Daniel Słomiński and Tomasz Waldowski, he makes a trio well known for their funky and jazz rhythms - Buba Kuyateh Trio. In 2014 there are many surprises awaiting the audiences, connected with this trio. Moreover, he teahces how to play the kora in countries such as Poland, England or Germany, among others. He also organizes trainig trips to Gambia.

Besides giving concerts and performing at numerous Polish festivals (e.g: Globaltica or Skrzyżowanie Kultur), Buba engages in numerous social initiatives, such as the projects of the Afryka Inaczej Foundation (he co-created the song "Nie masz cwaniaka nad afro-warszawiaka").


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