An outstanding dancer and the Ginuea singer. Born in Conakry in the family of rich artistic traditions. His classes are attended by dancers from all over the world: Italy, France, Japan, Australia, USA. He's a master for a dancer already renowned in Poland, Viola Wojciechowska (Konoba, World Cultures Centre). As a teacher he's gained acclaim not only among the "whites" but also among the Africans and he's regularly invited to Senegal, Burkina Faso or Gambia.
It may be said that Andy Camara inherited the passion for dancing from his father, a respected griot what made Andy experience the traditional African art from the very early years. He's also been trained to be a dancer since the early childhood.

As a professional dancer he cooperated with numerous groups and ballet artists, e.g: Ballet Farita, Ballet Kounkori Bamba, Ballet Merveille de Guinee, Ballet Djakhanki Kounda, Ballet Foniki, Academi Percusion (UNICEF). 

He's currently a choreographer and an artistic director for dancers and musicians of the renowned Ballet Sourakhata in Conakry, Matam. His main teacher and master was Sorel Conti, a dancer of Les Ballet Africains. His work is not limited to the faithful reproductions of African traditions, he as well creates amazing, innovative 'dance-and-music' spectacles. In Africa he also works as a musician (dundun player). He's a very creative artist who enjoys great admiration in Africa. His dancing and choreographies are original and have a unique style.

Dance workshops with Andy are an opportunity to not only work with this exceptional choreographer but also to get to know the roots of traditional African dances.

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