SAMBA ART is a dancing band specialized in Brazilian and Latin dancing. The hard core and founder of the group is Jal, a master of Brazilian samba. Jal comes from eastern coast of Brazil - Alagoas, Maceio. He is responsible for spectacular artistic programmes of the group.
Jal took part in countless number of concerts, tv programmes, contests and parades in Rio de Janeiro.

As he comes from a beautiful, tropical, full of music and dance country, SAMBA ART reflects this wonderful culture!

Except samba, Jal introduced to the band other different and beautiful, expressive and original Brazilian rhytms like zouk, lambada, dance de boneca, forro, feco, capoeira. In a pair with a born dancer, Klaudia Łucyk, he gives a lot of spectacular dance shows including impressive acrobatic lambada show.

SAMBA ART means also beautiful, talented, charismatic, bursting with energy dancers. Each of them has a wide dancing experience and a lot of medals achieved during world and European tournaments. Our group includes not only perfectly selected dancers from a dancing point of view, but also concerning personality.

SAMBA ART perform in different cities in Poland, glamorise many tv programmes with its shows. What is more, we visited beloved Brasilia, Italy, Germany, France and England to show our Brasilian samba and forro.

Love to dance, positive vibes and amazing, rich and original costumes create a spectacular whole. Our shows are a reflection of carnival in Rio!

Samba Art